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Flower Bank's fame spreads

Giles Morris was submitted this article following correspondence with CLM about meadow management.

Because of copyright we can't publish it but we might be able to share a copy with you.

Conservation Land Management - Spring 2021 - Extract

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A recently published book inspired by the flowerbank.

‘St. George’s Flowers’

A fabulous collection of botanical illustrations

By the local artist - Annie Morris

Updated Fungi Survey Update added

Briophytes Survey Update added

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Guided Walks - these will resume once covid regulations allow.

Bristol One City - Strategy (click here)

Bristol One City is Bristol City Council’s inclusive and environmental agency,

has recognised St. George’s Flowerbank in their strategy document.

The Monthly Nature Walks will restart from 15th July 2020

2019/20 End of Year Report

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Friday 6th April 2018

Despite not being in touch too much we have not been idle recently.

Firstly, despite the severe cold spells and snow the plants are telling us Spring is well on the way - the Primroses are developing really well, and are turning up in lots of new places.  When I went out this week to photograph the flowers I picked up litter - amazingly only a couple of bags full!

Secondly - put the 1st May into you diary - details of our Quiz are attached.


Despite not getting full funding from Aviva (thanks for voting!) we are well on the way to paying for a trailer - and a secure site-safe container.  Apart from the £500 from Aviva for reaching the finals we have had some extraordinary support locally. Thanks to everyone who has been so generous.

We have now become affiliated to Pill & Easton-in-Gordano Parish Council which confers several benefits, not least the facility to reclaim VAT - a significant saving.  This puts the ongoing support they have always given us from the beginning onto a formal basis.

One local firm with offices at Ham Green, Wilmott Dixon, have given us a sizeable donation and have offered to produce a new leaflet as well.  The leaflet we have needs to be updated - on the front it says "20 years of success 1990-2010" which is a bit out of date.

Fundraising continues because we have regular running costs as well and, as yet, no regular income other than our monthly walks.  That could change as we are in negotiations with North Somerset and a possible sponsor, who wants to put up signs something like "Flower Bank supported by......."

As you know the new Data Protection law comes into force soon; Noel has been on a course to understand our responsibilities and I've been sorting out the lists of names we keep on our data base.  That alone is a major task.

Also in the background our new committee is working on a new management plan and agreement with North Somerset Council - which keeps us busy. The revamped website ( will gradually be knocked into shape - once we get to grips with the technology.  That is just too hard for me!

There will be no work parties for a while but once the haymaking season comes there will be plenty to do!

Many thanks for supporting Flower Bank