General Information

A really big thank you for being part of the success of St. George’s Flower Bank through the years. Since starting a quarter of a century I have been sustained by the huge amount of support.

All of you have helped – by encouraging, making donations or coming out on workparties.

Last Friday we had a wonderful party to celebrate: The Singing Ladies put on a special show with appropriate songs including a favourite of mine “What a wonderful world” After Hours played some great music to end the evening in style. Di and Sue put on a wonderful buffet and the Butcombe beer tasted even better as it was donated! My brief “setting the scene” presentation only overran the planned five minutes by a bit (9 minutes or so! – but then I do have a reputation to live up to).

We even made a profit of over £270 – wonderful.

However, the point of all this, creating and maintaining wild-flower meadow habitat goes on. We have completed the majority of hay-making for this year; there will be work to clear scrub and coppice/pollard trees throughout the autumn and winter.

Many of you that receive these messages are not able to actually get out on site with us, and I fully appreciate that. I’m glad that you are still interested in our efforts. Thanks, too, to all of you who send messages explaining that other commitments take priority and you have to miss a work-party. It really is heartening that you all keep in touch. Of course financial support is important too, so another ‘Thank you’ to everyone who has made a donation.

Please spread the word – and especially to help recruit some “workers”. We have volunteers from outside the village – Bristol and Portishead – so you might be able to recruit help. After all we are a 25 yrs older! Please don’t stop encouraging us – that keeps us going.

Many thanks again.